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April 15, 2015
I just wanted to write you a quick note to say 'Thank You' for all you and your staff do to provide an environment that both nurtures and challenges our daughters to be the best they can - and to be confident in their abilities. I know I don't say it enough - but Thank You.
- Barbara

Sent: January 3, 2009 7:59 PM
To: director@sjsh.ca
Subject: Destiny's graduation
Thank you so much Mr Gore for having faith in me! Thank you for showing me the right direction in life. Thank you for never turning me down and always thinking the best of me!! Thank you for showing me different ways to handle my frustration and teaching me everything I needed to know to be able to attend a regular class room!!  Not only have I graduated high school but in March I will be graduated from the Personal Support Worker Program!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
Destiny Hilton

Dear Scholars’ Hall and St. Jude’s Parents,

Jul. 03, 2013

Dear Scholars’ Hall and St. Jude’s Parents,

I hope that the summer has started well for you. It certainly has for Scholars’ and St. Jude’s. Our Kindergarten class is full and it has a wait list of three students. There are several more families who are possible interested in registering their child with us for September. If and when the wait list reaches 5 (just 2 more) then I will split the class into two classes of ten each with Mrs. Kuzik heading one and Miss Orchard heading the other class.

Our Scholars’ numbers for September have also required us to have . . . a 1 / 2 class; a straight Grade 3 class (new for this coming year); a 3 / 4 class; a 5 / 6 class (new for this coming year); and a 7 /8 class.

In addition, our high school numbers are also continuing to grow. Our Grade 9 class (all girls so far) is approaching 10 students and our Grade 10 class has exceeded 10 students.

Our Grade 11 and Grade 12 classes are small (4 students each) but I have just signed two agreements with large recruiting agencies in China and a stipulation of each agreement is that they, each, must guarantee a minimum of 5 grade 11/12 students during this coming school year. That is a minimum of 10 new international students into grades 11 or 12. I am excited that my trips to China may be starting to bear results.

If we create the second Kindergarten class then the 5/6 class will be moved upstairs and we will then be able to create a middle school with the Scholars’ and St. Jude’s 5/6 classes, the Scholars’ and St. Jude’s 7/8 classes. This will be a wonderful addition to our school to have Lower School, a Middle School and Upper school groups.

Our St. Jude’s numbers have also require three classes – a Junior, an Intermediate and a Senior class - for next year. All the present year’s teachers have been invited back for the new year and in addition, I may have to add a new high school teacher, a new middle school teacher and a new kindergarten bilingual teacher. Our new Scholars’ and St. Jude’s uniforms will be delivered to the school by not later than August the 10 and may even be here as early as July the 23. I will post on FaceBook and on the Scholars’ web site as soon as they arrive. Then you can come into the school for your fitting and make your order. (*Remember – if your child’s present uniform still fits, you do not have to get the new uniform).

I will also be sending a newsletter home later in July and another one home in the middle of August. Please watch for them. Please keep Tuesday, September 10th at 7 pm open to attend the Parent Information Evening. With all the changes happening here at Scholars’ and St. Jude’s it will be very important for you to attend. How important you ask? At the meeting I will be giving, to all those in attendance, extra Scholars’ Dollars equal to what your child has earned for all of January, February, March, April, May and June of 2013. The average is approximately $300 to $400 - so it could be a costly meeting to miss!

Have a Great Summer!

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