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Full Day School

 About the Full Day Program

This program is designed for students:

  • with learning disabilities in grades 1 to 10
  • who are average or above intelligence and are finding learning a struggle
  • who need a genuine boost in academic self esteem
  • who want to learn but are starting to question their intellectual abilities
  • who need a full day academic program to accelerate their acquisition of the basic Reading, Comprehension, Writing, and Mathematical skills
  • who are not learning to read as quickly or as well as other children
  • who need instruction in an environment where the only focus is academics
  • who need a comprehensive program specifically designed to address their individual educational needs
  • who need more academic structure and more specific instruction than is possible in a public school class size of thirty or more children
  • who will benefit from a class with a maximum of eight students


Please Note:

The Full-Day School begins each mornings at 8:30 am. Monday to Thursday ends at 3:30 pm. Every Friday dismissal is at 2:30 pm. There are no PD days. Our holidays generally follow the same schedule as the public funded school boards.

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888 Trillium Drive,
Kitchener, Ontario,N2R 1K4
Telephone: 519-888-0807

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