• 888 Trillium Drive, Kitchener Ontario, N2R 1K4


 About St. Jude’s

St. Jude’s is unlike any other school in the Waterloo region. It is a temporary Special Education alternative to the Publicly funded school system.

St. Jude’s School has continued to be the most recognized and successful special education alternative to the publicly funded school system in the Waterloo region for over three decades.

Bright students experiencing learning difficulties come to St. Jude’s. Because they are bright, the public school system does not consider their education to be a priority as compared to other students who have higher needs. These bright students are not receiving educational services in the public system that are appropriate to their needs.

Our mission is to provide the necessary academic instruction to bright, learning disabled students so that they will be able to leave St. Jude’s and return to the publicly funded system better able to succeed than before.

We believe in challenging our students with consistency, understanding, fairness, a sense of personal responsibility, as well as excellent teaching.