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Tuition Cost

Each student receives a program tailored to meet their individual needs, and tuition can vary based on the level of support in their education plan. Prior to being able to determine your child’s learning needs, we complete a psycho-educational assessment. This is not an entrance test but rather it tells us where we need to start. This assessment is  standardized and normed for North American students. The results of this assessment will help us to build your child’s daily educational schedule according to his/her strengths and abilities. Once this assessment is completed we will meet with you, share the results and discuss your child’s program, with or without accommodations and the appropriate tuition.   There is no charge for this assessment even though it may take many hours over several appointments to complete. It is information we need to do our job – educating your child. If you would like more information, please contact us directly and we would be glad to answer all your questions.

In past 40 years parents have been able to claim the entire tuition as a medical expense on their income tax.

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