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Tuition Cost

Each student receives a program tailored to meet their individual needs, and tuition can vary based on the level of support in their education plan. If you would like more information on tuition and tuition discounts,  please contact us directly and we would be glad to provide you with a quote.

In past years parents have been able to claim the entire tuition as a medical expense on their income tax.


As of April 1 or initial registration:

The first $1,500 (minimum required deposit with registration) is non-refundable.

As of September 1:

The full school year’s tuition and all fees are due and payable and are totally non-refundable.

Receipt of written notice of withdrawal prior to April 1:

As of registration, only the first $1,500 of each child’s total fees is non-refundable.

Receipt of written notice of withdrawal on or after April 1 and prior to Sept 1:

The first $1,500 of the total fees and 60% of the Remainder of Fees (total fees minus the first $1,500) is non-refundable. St. Jude’s School Inc. reserves the right to amend and/or change this fee schedule without notice.

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