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I just wanted to write you a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for all you and your staff do to provide an environment that both nurtures and challenges our daughters to be the best they can – and to be confident in their abilities. I know I don’t say it enough – but thank you.


I just wanted to take a moment to share how fantastic this school has been to my daughters. My 2nd youngest daughter, Melissa, went through the public school system with undiagnosed special needs and by grade 7 she was on the verge of failing out.  She dropped through so many cracks in the system because of her quiet, unassuming nature. I brought her to St. Jude’s / Scholars Hall and I am totally amazed at her transformation!  The teachers and staff took the time to get to know her, and taught her the skills that she was lacking.  It’s by no means an easy school – they expect the kids to work hard; but they recognize the kids’ efforts and reward them often.  Melissa will be graduating this year without a lap year and is applying to university for the fall!  5 years ago I worried if she would even make it through high school.My youngest daughter also attends and through she doesn’t have the same challenges as Melissa, I am confident that she too will be applying to university after grade 12.I am forever grateful to Fred, Bonnie, Cheryl and the rest of the amazing staff and teachers at SJSH for their commitment to providing all their students with the same high quality education. I could never thank them enough.  They have definitely made a difference 🙂

I thank SJSH for providing me the skill sets that worked best for me to succeed in life. I graduated from SJSH, and utilized the learning techniques that SJSH provided to go to Conestoga College. Where I graduated with a 3 year Business Administration Management Degree, where I currently utilize all skills to manage and operate my own Transportation company.

I look back and thank SJSH for all the guidance they provided!

Thank you Mr. Gore & Mrs. Gore, and all SJSH faculty!

It’s not just a school but a family! You are greeted with warm smiles and hellos. My daughter just excels socially and academically! I love the small classroom sizes and how accommodating the staff is. I am proud to be a scholars hall parent.

I was a previous student of St Jude’s / Scholars Hall 14 years ago, and I cannot say enough about the wonderful education I received from SJSH. When I originally went to SJSH, I was going into grade 9 and felt lost as a student. The public school system I felt had failed to provide an adequate learning opportunity, they didn’t provide assistance to show me how I learn as a student. Fred Gore and SJSH faculty worked with me, providing a unique environment to teach me how I need to receive information, and providing proper guidance that ensured that I would be successful in years to come. I believe when faculty truly care about the well being of their students and future success it shows because the faculty is willing to go that extra mile! The smaller class sizes, and extra attention received from faculty, certainly gave each student that additional assistance to get ahead!

This week at our church I was asked to share something joyful for part of our Palm Sunday service. Our minister knows how happy I have been with our son at “his new school”. Here is what I shared with the congregation this morning:

A joyful time in our family’s life occurred last September when our son started at his new school St. Jude’s in Kitchener. Before this our son had faced many struggles in school. St. Jude’s is a school that focused on kids with learning differences. It is called St. Jude’s after the patron saint of hopeless situations. Unfortunately this is how many kids feel when they first come to St. Jude’s. The director has a learning disability himself and understands many kids are able learn and can be successful when given the proper tools.

Since our son started in September he has blossomed into a confident student. He is in grade 6 and working at grade level. He is getting A’s and B’s. He can tackle his homework with focus and confidence-which means stress free evenings for mom!

The motto of St. Jude’s is “Bringing Joy to Learning” and for us they really live and breathe that motto. For me the joyful moment occurred when I heard my son say “Mom, I love my new school”.