• 888 Trillium Drive, Kitchener Ontario, N2R 1K4

Day School

St. Jude’s School is designed for students:

  • who are between grades 1-10

  • who are of average or above average intellectual ability.
    Most St. Jude’s students score in the bright to gifted range of intellectual abilities
  • who experience one or more learning challenges such as:
    Central Auditory Processing
    Language Processing
    Non-Verbal Learning
    Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor
    Executive/Cognitive Functioning
    Memory Issues: Verbal/Auditory. Working, Immediate, Short-term, Long-term, or Automatic
    High Functioning Autism/Aspergers

  • who find learning/school a struggle

  • who are starting to question their intellectual abilities

  • who are falling behind their peers in reading, comprehension, writing and mathematical skills

  • who require a school environment where the focus is not only on academics

  • who require a school environment where the focus is also on life management:
    i.e. a work ethic, organizational & study habits, time management, confidence, self confidence, self reliance, self advocacy, character development & growth and much more

  • who do not exhibit behaviour as their primary school issue

Benefits to Students

  • A comprehensive program specifically designed to address individual educational needs with personalized instruction and an individualized education plan

  • Increased teacher focus in a maximum class size of eight students

  • A boost to academic self-esteem through a positive learning environment and achievable goals

  • A safe, supervised community

  • Peer conflicts handled with an attitude of mutual respect


Benefits to Parents and Families

  • No more homework struggles; teachers hold students accountable for their work

  • Flexible and extended drop-off and pick-up times

  • After school care available everyday

  • Close, ongoing communication between teachers, staff, students and parents

  • Happier kids make happier families!

  • When school is great, home is better!


St. Jude’s Daily Schedule

  • Classes begin at 8:30 am every day

  • Classes end at 3:30 pm on Monday to Thursday

  • Friday classes end at 1:30 pm and are followed by a one hour leadership class/workshop with dismissal at 2:30 pm. 

St. Jude’s does not have PD days, but our holidays generally follow the same schedule as the publicly funded school boards (with the exception of no March Break). St. Jude’s follows the university semester system and takes a Spring Break the last week of April.