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Learning Assessments

About Learning Assessments

Many parents come to St. Jude’s because they have concerns about their child’s progress in school and they do not know what to do. Typically most in-school learning assessments answer the question, “At what grade level is my child performing?”
Sometimes the answer to this question provides enough information for the creation of an IEP (Individual Education Plan). But many times a more detailed investigation, not only answering the above question, but also answering:

“Why is my child experiencing learning difficulties?”; “What can we do about it?”; and, “What can my child’s teacher do differently to better help my child?”

At St. Jude’s we will meet with you and explain your educational options in the publicly funded school system. We can also walk you through any assessment that has already been completed and explain it line-by-line in plain language so that you are more knowledgable and better equipped to understand your child’s learning and more confident when you meet with your child’s teachers. We would review the assessments recommendations and explain how these suggestions would be beneficial (or not) and who your child’s teacher could implement them into the daily class/learning routine. We would also show you ways to monitor how effective these recommendations are being.

This meeting usually takes two hours and there is no charge for our consultation.

Over the years, parents have expressed their gratitude and relief to receive so much information about their child and his/her learning and that they feel much more empowered to advocate for their child with the hope that their child can once again experience a renewed joy of learning.

To book a consultation, please contact Mrs. Cheryl McKee principal@sjsh.ca or call the school at 519-888-6620