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Learning Assessments

About Learning Assessments

Many parents come to St. Jude’s because they have concerns about their child’s progress in school and they do not know what to do. Any learning assessment can answer the question, “What grade level is my child at ?”
A St. Jude’s learning assessment is a much more detailed investigation, not only answering the above question, but also answering:

“Why is my child experiencing learning difficulties?”; “What can we do about it?”; and, “What can my child’s teacher do differently to better help my child?”

At St. Jude’s we will meet with you and your child, explain and show you what information an assessment can give you and how this information could change the way your child learns and feels about school.
An assessment will consist of multiple appointments of approximately 2 hours each. After the testing is completed, a detailed report is presented to you.

This meeting usually takes two hours. Following this meeting, you and the Director of St. Jude’s meet with your child’s teachers and present the information and recommendations to them at your child’s school.

Over the years, many teachers have expressed their gratitude and relief to receive so much information about one of their students.
This information has allowed them to better educate the student and both the teacher and the child experience a renewed joy of learning.

Assessments can be done for persons of any age: in the elementary system; in high school; college; university; or afterwards in the work world.

Annual Check-Up

Many students return every July for an annual check-up to see how they are progressing from one year to the next.

This is a one day, standardized, group achievement test that measures Reading, Language, Mathematics, and Knowledge.
From these annual results, students will be able to see if they are learning at an acceptable rate and how they compare to other students.