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Posted on: December 30th, 2019 by Chris Steingart

This week at our church I was asked to share something joyful for part of our Palm Sunday service. Our minister knows how happy I have been with our son at “his new school”. Here is what I shared with the congregation this morning:

A joyful time in our family’s life occurred last September when our son started at his new school St. Jude’s in Kitchener. Before this our son had faced many struggles in school. St. Jude’s is a school that focused on kids with learning differences. It is called St. Jude’s after the patron saint of hopeless situations. Unfortunately this is how many kids feel when they first come to St. Jude’s. The director has a learning disability himself and understands many kids are able learn and can be successful when given the proper tools.

Since our son started in September he has blossomed into a confident student. He is in grade 6 and working at grade level. He is getting A’s and B’s. He can tackle his homework with focus and confidence-which means stress free evenings for mom!

The motto of St. Jude’s is “Bringing Joy to Learning” and for us they really live and breathe that motto. For me the joyful moment occurred when I heard my son say “Mom, I love my new school”.

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